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horsifi-bannerIntroducing Horsifi The Worlds First Bio Resonance Frequency Horse Tag.
Just like humans horses have subtle energy systems such as chakras and meridians. Our animals get stressed and just like people these subtle energy systems become unbalanced and blocked. 

When our human chakras and meridians become blocked and unbalanced we start to experience discomfort which effects our mood and over all wellbeing. Animals are no different and experience subtle energy blockages just as we do.

Horsifi Technology Balances Subtle Energy Systems
Horisifi uses the same delivery technology as our human Frequency Wristbands to deliver natural resonance frequencies every 15 minutes. The frequency protocols have been developed in consultation with a fully qualified (MRCVS) Veterinary Surgeon who has established an international reputation for treating animals using a wide range of cutting edge medical technologies. 

Our veterinarian specialises in working with mainly horses, dogs and cats including horses that are competing internationally at WEG and the Olympics; with canine Crufts Champions and their owners who include Olympic and International athletes from a number of disciplines.

How Does It Work?
To explain we need to go back.

For 5,000 years, Traditional  Chinese Medicine has been based on the concept of chi energy. Tourmaline is a natural crystal source of this energy.

Laboratory experiments by Pierre and Jacques Curie way back in 1880 proved that Tourmaline generates an electrical charge. We now know this produces Far Infrared Photon (FIR) energy, negative ions and alpha waves – and neutralises positive ions from electrical equipment. 

In the nineteen twenties, German scientist Hans Berger recorded the first electrical frequencies transmitted by the human brain.

In 1952, another German scientist Winfried Otto Schumann discovered that our planet Earth pulses with measurable natural frequencies, which he called Schumann Resonance.

Further research revealed that Schumann Resonance and the frequencies from the human brain when calm and relaxed, called Alpha Waves, are identical. The brain’s frequencies are known to control our performance, stress, anxiety and creativity, and are tuned to the pulse of the Earth.

In the 1960s, scientist Rutger Wever’s experiments revealed that connection to the Earth’s natural frequencies can improve overall health and well-being

How To Use Horisifi For Your Horses

Horisifi uses the same resonance processor as our human Frequency Wristbands. This means that as long as it is within 2 inches of the skin it will emit the natural resonance frequencies into the bio energy field of your pet. It will emit these frequencies every 15 minutes to help balance all energetic and subtle energy blockages in your pets meridians and chakras. 

The Horisifi tag is designed to be attached to your horse. It is made from the highest quality silicon which is infused with a proprietary blend of precious minerals (Tourmaline, Titanium & Germanium) which also outputs 4,000ppm negative ions per second.


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